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Frequently asked questions

Is there Information included with the artworks?

Yes, information on the artist and the created symbol(s) is provided with all hand made artworks.

Do you provide custom made wedding bands?

Yes, we specialize in providing wedding bands, and have been doing so since 1980. Wedding bands are available in sterling silver, gold on sterling silver and gold. The rings can be chosen from existing designs or can be custom made. For custom made wedding bands, we provide a fully personalized, detailed service to ensure that the custom work meets the specifications and satisfaction of the customer(s). Custom made wedding bands also include the option of setting precious or semi-precious stones.

Can I request a different symbol, size or shape for a particular item?

Yes, the artists often create various INDIGENOUS designs in various sizes and shapes for the artworks they provide. As representatives who have developed a long term working relationship with established B.C. INDIGENOUS artists, we strive to meet the individual requests of customers for items of particular interest to them.

We facilitate that process through careful and detailed communications with the artist and the customer, and by providing all of the relevant images, dimensions and pricing information as required. In other words, we provide an individualized service on behalf of those who share our love for INDIGENOUS art. Based on our extensive experience, we therefore provide whatever information might be useful in obtaining the item of particular interest to the customer.

Do You have access to other B.C. INDIGENOUS artworks?

Yes, the items posted in our website gallery shop are only a portion of our entire inventory, and that inventory is in turn only a portion of the artworks that are available though the artists we represent. As well, during the many years that we have promoted B.C. INDIGENOUS art and culture since 1980, we have established communications with a wide variety of artists beyond those that we represent on a regular basis.

As a result, our access to other B.C. INDIGENOUS artworks is substantial, and is such that we can provide a wide supply of Northwest Coast INDIGENOUS jewellery, carvings and other artworks on request. And all of those artworks are provided as a unique, personalized service to individuals and organizations in British Columbia, Canada and the rest of the world.

Where else do you showcase and sell INDIGENOUS artworks?

Working from home-based studio offices on Bowen Island and in Burnaby, we showcase traditional Northwest Coast INDIGENOUS artworks at venues in GREATER Vancouver, including various shows BEING HELD AT conventions, arts and crafts exhibits, INDIGENOUS events AND OTHER VENUES.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our usually scheduled events have been unfortunately cancelled. currently, we are mainly showcasing our artworks through our website, and by also emailing additional photos and information based on specific requests. PLEASE CLICK ON “SHOWS” AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE FOR ANY recently UPDATED INFORMATION REGARDING OUR SCHEDULE OF EVENTS. 

Is the sterling silver jewellery also available in gold?

YES, Most of the sterling silver jewellery is also available in gold. Based on an emailed request for information, we can also confirm if that is the case for any specific jewellery item.